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Fitts Production Associates LLC

We work with you to create engaging and creative stories.


We work with your team to provide script development and complete script to screen services. We also can work with you to provide Producer Services for a project you may be completing in house.



Get it right the first time! We brainstorm with you and ask many questions. Who is your target audience? What do you want the audience to know after your short film? What do you want the audience to do? We want to know all of your goals to deliver the best results. 

Creative Development

Exceeding Expectations. 

Even though we produce films about non-profits, corporations, Universities, the arts and documentaries, the stories are really about people. Let us tell your story.


Virtual post production 

"Just like being in the edit suite" and you can stay wherever you are. We use Final Cut X and applications from Adobe Creative suite to ensure that your film is beautiful and targeted. 

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Let’s Talk

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