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Rick Fitts is a true collaborator who is always prepared, passionate and fully committed to achieving the goals of the team. For a large and especially complex stage production, I wanted to integrate video in a visual world that matched the play's magical nature. Rick crafted a world-class projection environment that surrounded the stage, and seamlessly blended continuous images from multiple projectors in a way that had never been achieved on stage before. Rick's work was groundbreaking and perfect for the play. It's just one example of the dedication and resourceful Rick brings to everything he does, and always with effortless professionalism and great team spirit.

Steve Umberger, Director - The Tempest, NC Shakespeare Festival


I've known and have worked with Rick Fitts longer than I'd like to admit! I'd still be working with him today if my former employer still had a need for my services. As for Rick, his creativity, integrity, energy and instinct made me and my bosses look good. No matter the challenge or how small the budget, I could always count on Rick to pull things together and make it look easy.

Ted Matthews
President and Owner at Forum-Group, LLC


Rick has served on the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting Committee that I staff for multiple years. He is a dedicated member of the team, who brings a high level of creativity to the group. His work each year on our Citizen of the Carolinas video is impeccable, and has positioned that segment of our program as a true highlight. All he produces is of the greatest quality and the highest standards. I can't imagine the committee or the event being as entertaining and successful without his involvement

Blair Stanford
Executive Director, Charlotte Executive Leadership Council
Charlotte, North Carolina


I have had the privilege of working with Rick on a number of projects since I returned to Charlotte in 2000 to join the ASC. Rick is first and foremost a great storyteller. His work draws you in and grabs you. While his work has been across a variety of subjects from profiles of key civic and corporate leaders to community stories, it is his work in telling the many stories of artists and cultural organizations in the community that I know the best. His passion for all of the arts and sciences shines through, from dance, theatre and music to paintings, sculpture and science experiments, if Rick is involved with the story will capture your imagination. In addition to his work with ASC and the cultural community, I have been fortunate to have been involved in community efforts in which Rick was also involved. Rick is a leader. His background in communications and film making are a powerful combination. He understands and is passionate about whatever project he takes on. I am proud to count Rick as both a colleague and friend. He is talented, a great volunteer and his work is exceptional. It is my pleasure to recommend him.

Robert Bush
Retired at President Charlotte Arts & Science Council. (ASC)

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