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Smooth Sailing, No Anchor. 

Telling your story is what I do best. I bring commitment, skill, and attention to detail on every project. I designed and implemented a digital projected set at the NC Shakespeare festival for The Tempest and The NC Governors Conference for Women. I also worked with regional and national non-profits like the Sisters of Mercy Hospice House in North Carolina, YMCA of Greater Charlotte and the YMCA of Greater Los Angeles.
From my years of experience in creating Live Event media design and staging in China, South Korea, and Australia, to directing and producing in Germany and France for a corporate client to creating short films for the local YMCA, I have years of knowledge to offer you and your staff. Bringing my experience at PBS Charlotte as the Senior Producer as well as digital video production for corporate and non-profit clients, I am trained to showcase your ideas and vision.
I collaborate with a network of freelance professionals who have earned top industry awards to ensure that you get the optimum combination of talent to exceed your expectations. FPA is known for its professionalism, creative production services, development, implementation, and targeted delivery. Creating and providing digital film services through a combined alliance with our clients, FPA always delivers quality projects.
Call Me when Your message absolutely, positively Must be right...!

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