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Rick Fitts is an interesting combination of talents. He's a skilled technician, producer, shooter and editor. But he is a lot more than that. Rick understands storytelling at the practical and emotional level. He brings warmth, humanity and understanding to the work and believe me, it shows. He helped us at GWU raise the bar on our video productions but clearly understood and remained faithful to the strategy driving the work. He's a quality person with a real passion for what he does


Rick and I worked together for more than two years at WTVI PBS Charlotte. He patiently helped me understand the world of television as I transitioned from radio. He is a tech-savvy, team player who served alongside me on the station's leadership team, where he always brought enthusiasm and energy to that role. His passion for exposing public television viewers to work of local arts organizations is absolutely unparalleled and his connections within that community are of tremendous value.

Jay Ajhua 
Public Radio Sales Rep at WDAV
89.9 FM, Author & Documentary Film Producer


Rick is one of best producers of television content I have had the pleasure of working with in my 40-year career in this business. He has an incredible level of creativity and mastery of all the arts necessary to craft arresting stories for television. In addition to producing his own excellent work, he supervised independent producers and mentored upcoming staff. He is master of creating large events as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick Fitts wholeheartedly.

Elsie Garner 
Retired President and CEO
WTVI PBS Charlotte

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